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Unsung Angels​

Join Us in Keeping Jamyla’s Memory Alive

About Unsung Angels

Unsung Angels a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created by James Bolden in memory of his daughter Jamyla who died from gun violence. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, we offer youth mentoring program to children who have been exposed to gun violence or any form of violence.

How It All Started

Many children have childhood dreams, but not all of them become lucky enough to live out those dreams. Jamyla Bolden was among the
 unlucky ones.

On August 18, 2015, 9-year-old Jamyla was lying in bed next to her mother and doing her assignment when she was shot and killed. After her devastating and untimely death, her parents Victoria and James found a way to honor her and keep her memory alive: by founding a youth organization for victims of gun violence.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire families who have been through difficult experiences to stay together in unity and uplift one another. Through revitalization of our communities, mentoring of our youth, fellowship, and service to others, we will provide hope for this generation and future
generations to come.

Get to Know James Bolden Sr. CEO

Growing Up Without Parents

James Bolden Sr.’s life has been far from a fairy tale, but he never complained. As a child, he witnessed the tragic death of his mother, and the only thing he knew about his father was his name and what he did. Being only 8 years old and having no parents took a toll on his life; growing up, he had to deal with his built-up anger and frustration.

He lived with his grandmother until he was old enough to start working and become the man he needed to be. James wasn’t perfect, but he needed to be an example for someone who was watching him: his firstborn son James Bolden Jr.

Despite being a teenage father, he had a great future ahead of him: he was about to graduate, had a budding track career, and was working towards honors and scholarships. Unfortunately, in 1997, he was shot several times in the shoulders and in the thigh, a case that instantly ended his track career.

After trying to get his life back right, James had his second son, Kyndal Bolden. He was happy and satisfied with his two boys, never imagining having a daughter. However, in 2006, a beautiful little Bolden girl was born.

Receiving an Unexpected Blessing

Having a daughter was not part of his life plan, but having Jamyla made him look at life differently. Sadly, his life turned upside down when on August 18, 2015, he received a call: his precious, innocent girl was shot in her bedroom while doing her homework. Jamyla was pronounced dead moments after she was brought to the hospital.

This unfortunate yet life-changing experience is what inspired James to create this foundation. Today, he is the Assistant to the Fleet Director for the City of St. Louis Treasurer's Office-Parking Division , an Alumnus of the Father Support Program, and a member of the SAVE Coalition part of Missouri Emergency Department.

He is happily wedded to his wife Victoria, a US Veterans Affairs Department Representative, who has helped him mentally and spiritually after Jamyla’s passing. Victoria is also his partner in operating Unsung Angels.

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