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Unsung Angels​

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We Heal, Restore, and Uplift

Gun Violence Has to Stop!

Be one with Unsung Angels in our mission to put a stop in gun violence. Help heal the wounds of young victims, restore their life in order, and uplift their spirits so they can move forward with a renewed confidence and hope for the future.

You’re Not Alone

Don't suffer alone and in silence. If you have or someone you know has been a victim of gun violence or violence of any sort, contact our headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri to receive help.

Remember: everyone has a song to sing; we just have different tunes. Through Unsung Angels, your song will be heard. 

Join Our 6-Week Youth Mentoring Program

Unsung Angels offers a 6-week youth mentoring program to gun violence victims aged to 6 to 21. Read on for more details and call us to
book an appointment.

Weeks 1 and 2

The youth will have a meet and greet with the staff to begin the healing process.

Weeks 3 and 4

Our team will give them education, opportunity, and employment. During this period, the youth will focus on
higher education.

Weeks 5 and 6

For the last period, the youth will learn about culinary arts (cooking in a catering atmosphere, how to service, how
 to plate, etc.).

What Happens After Graduation?

After graduation, the youth is expected to showcase independency on the living. They will conduct a soup kitchen as an actual application of what they’ve learned and receive a certificate for completing the program.

What People Are Saying

Unsung Angels has been making a positive change in our local communities since 2015. Find out what people have to say about our nonprofit organization by reading the testimonial below.

“Unsung Angels volunteered at the St. Louis African Arts Festival {serving food} they were awesome! Please don't take my word for it connect with Unsung and let it speak for itself. Great opportunity for that want to be a positive image for other youth. I recommend them highly and with pride. Connect with them”

- Yolanda Jefferson, St. Louis African Arts Festival Teen Sub

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